Sturr - Hooked On Sturr-ific Polkas

Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra with 2 Classic LPs now on this CD!

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Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra with excellent 2 LPs now on this CD. "Hooked On Sturr-ific Polkas" features Classic Music of Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra. Check out this CD with Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra!

Track Listing:

1. Idzie La La Polka
2. Dance Little Bird
3. You’re the One Polka
4. Jolly Caballero Polka
5. Lu Laje Lu Waltz
6. Red Raven Polka
7. Play Us A Polka
8. Shining Moon Polka
9. She Will Survive
10. Ferris Wheel Oberek
11. Karliku Polka
12. Fiddlin’ Fred Polka
13. From Us with Love
14. Oh My Honey Polka
15. Tribute to Our Friend Waltz
16. Naughty Audie Oberek
17. Life’s A Circle Polka
18. Come on Down Tonight Polka
19. Joe Mann Go Polka
20. Angel Wings Polka
21. Poor Boy Polka
22. Hop Hop Oberek
23. Polka Two Step

Artist: Jimmy Sturr and his Orchestra