Vejvoda - Beer Barrel Polka

All Instrumental Czech Import with music conducted by Josef Vejvoda, son of Jaromír Vejvoda

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Jaromír Vejvoda was one of the great composers of Europe. This CD features some of Vejvoda’s compositions. Jaromír Vejvoda’s most famous composition is well-known throughout the world as the Beer Barrel Polka. The original Czech title of the Beer Barrel Polka is Škoda Lásky. Other titles for this well known Czech song are: Roll out the Barrel, Rosamunde, Frida aum Papa, Ut kin naren, and more.


Vejvoda’s Kapelle (band) is made up of some of the best musicians in the Czech Republic. Josef Vejvoda said “During the recording (session), I tried to make the songs communicate the joy which had been put in them by my father.”


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Track listing:


1. Beer Barrel polka
2. Rozkvetly lipy waltz
3. Ode zdi ke zdi polka
4. Pohádky z Posázaví waltz
5. Smál se mesíc polka
6. Brušperacka mazurka
7. Až pujdu od tebe ráno march
8. Bavorovská polka
9. Ty nemáš srdce waltz
10. Šohaj march
11. Naposledy polka
12. Babicka zpívala waltz
13. Lesácká polka
14. Start na Ružku march
15. Ruže stolistá waltz
16. Randez-vous march
17. Polka modrých ocí polka
18. Kapitán Rímek march

Artist: Vejvoda's Kapelle conducted by Josef Vejvoda