Vyhlidal - Celebrating 35 Years of Music

Energy-Filled Czech Flavored Polkas from Nebraska with The Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra!

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The Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra is celebrating 35 years of music! Mark Vyhlidal is a very talented musician that is known to play almost every instrument you see in his band. In addition, Mr. Vyhlidal is a composer. On this album he wrote “Dance with Me Sweetheart, Forever Waltz”. Mark’s nine year old son-Jacob plays the diatonic button box accordion on “Jake’s Polka Medley”. Don’t pass the Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra as they celebrate 35 Years of Music!


Track listing:


1. I Don’t Know Polka
2. Cottage under the Mountain Waltz
3. Ophelia Polka
4. Clover by the Water Polka
5. When You Get Gray Waltz
6. Hupsadyna Polka
7. Apron Waltz
8. Jake’s Polka Medley
9. Dance with Me Sweetheart, Forever Waltz
10. In a little Grove Polka
11. Haunted Garret Waltz
12. Hill and Dale Polka
13. Tick Tock Polka
14. Grandmother’s Reminiscing Waltz
15. Red Apple Polka
16. Don’t Be Mouthy Polka

Artist: Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra