Vyhlidal - Czech Stylings with Alfred Novacek on Vocals

Czech style from Upper Midwest USA

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This is the Mark Vyhlidal Trio playing and singing Czech favorites. Alred Novacek is special guest on vocals. Check out the Mark Vyhlidal Trio!


Track listing:


1. Musicians Play All Night Polka
2. I Love To Dance Polka
3. Blacksmith Waltz
4. E-Flat, A-Flat Polka
5. Stay With Us Czech Music Polka
6. Prune Song Waltz
7. If There Wasn't Music Polka
8. Everything's White Medley
9. Owl Waltz
10. Green Birch Polka
11. Dreamboat Waltz
12. Nebraska Polka
13. Wanderer Waltz
14. Owl Polka

Artist: Mark Vyhlidal Trio