Vyhlidal - The Band Plays On

Energy-Filled Czech Flavored Polkas from Nebraska with The Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra!

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The Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra has been performing the music for decades! Mark Vyhlidal is a very talented musician that is known to play almost every instrument you see in his band. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Blue-Eyed Annie Polka
2. Darling Angel Waltz
3. Southern Sun Polka
4. By The Village Polka
5. Beautiful Dream Waltz
6. Roseanne Polka
7. Happy Emma Polka
8. Beautiful Song Waltz
9. Poor Cinderella Polka
10. Greet The Folks At Home Waltz
11. Bass Horn Chase Polka
12. Circling Pigeons Laendler
13. Koline Polka
14. Little Tavern Waltz
15. By The Garden Polka
16. Julianna
Artist: Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra