Wendinger - Sometimes I Wish I was Czech

The Wendinger Band direct from New Ulm, Minnesota!

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Direct from New Ulm, MN comes the Wendinger Band featuring Peter and Paul on concertinas. For decades The Wendinger Band has traveled throughout the Upper Midwest and beyond. Check out this CD with the Wendingers.

Track listing:

1. Clock On The Steeple Polka
2. Black Smith Waltz
3. Prune Dumpling Polka
4. Long Way to Prague Polka
5. Clover By The Water Polka
6. Red Handkerchief Waltz
7. When I Sleep Polka
8. Music Music Polka
9. Pretty Girl Polka
10. Prune Song Waltz
11. Dance Hall Polka
12. Red Rose Polka
13. White Horse Polka
14. Song of Bohemia Waltz
15. Tinker Polka
Artist: Wendinger Band