Vyhlidal - The Early Years

Czech style from Upper Midwest USA

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Mark Vyhlidal started performing at a very young age. He can play several instruments and sings with ease. In addition he has composed many songs. The Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra has a peppy sound with a unique punch applied to the Czech American sound of the Upper Midwest USA! Check out the Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra!


This CD is a compilation from earlier albums-Polka Sweethearts and I Got a Wife


Track listing:


1. Sweet Bohemian Girl Polka
2. Kolace Queen Polka
3. Mountain Air Polka
4. Black Clouds Waltz
5. Golden Years Polka
6. You Are My Darling Polka
7. Just For You, Mom Waltz
8. Czech Vocal Medley
9. Naughty Little Boy Waltz
10. Leaving Home Polka
11. I Got a Wife Polka
12. Dance Hall Polka
13. Forever Yours Waltz
14. What Have I Got Polka
15. Bohemian Polka
16. Our Wedding Anniversary Waltz
17. Singing about My Peanut Polka
18. 90’s Polka
19. Grandmother’s Village Waltz
20. I Want To Dance With You Polka

Artist: Mark Vyhlidal Orchestra

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