Ziwich - Button Box Champ

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Fred Ziwich with Cleveland Style Polkas Button Box Accordion

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Track Listing:


1. Button Box Champ Polka (Fred Ziwich)
2. Under the Double Eagle March (J.F. Wagner)
3. Six Million Dollar Waltz (Fred Ziwich)
4. Bionic Button Box Polka (Fred Ziwich)
5. Morning in the Mountains Polka (Niko Zajc)
6. Button Box Boarischer (Fred Ziwich)
7. Razzle Dazzle Polka (Fred Ziwich)
8. Barn Dance Polka (Don Cialkoszewski)
9. A Waltz for the Girl I Have Yet to Meet (Fred Ziwich)
10. Canda’s Polka (Fred Ziwich)
11. Espana Waltz (Emile Waldteufel)
12. Steirische Harmonika (V. & S. Avsenik)
13. Is this a Rhinelander or a Schottische? (Fred Ziwich)
14. Fance Nancy Polka (Fred Ziwich)
15. With a Whistle (Mit Pfiff) Polka-Rock (Laudis)
16. New Style (Nowomodny) Oberek (I. Podgorski)
17. Sam and Easter’s Polka (Fred Ziwich)
18. Clarinet Polka
19. American Patrol (F.W. Meacham)Songs by Joe Cermelj
20. We’re Going to Be Happy Polka (Ottavio Brajko)
21.Whisper of the Waves Waltz (Pino Veznaver)
22. Chatterbox Polka (Pino Veznaver)

Artist: Fred Ziwich