Ziwich - Button Box Karaoke with Fred Ziwich

Instrumental diatonic button box accordion with International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Fred Ziwich direct from Cleveland, Ohio

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Fred Ziwich has been making music his entire life. He is a master of many instruments with diatonic button box being one of the instruments of choice. Here is Fred Ziwich playing several familiar button box songs. Tracks 1-15 are complete tracks and then tracks 17-31 are the same tracks without the button box so you can play along, thus the title of the album, “Button Box Karaoke with Fred Ziwich”!


Track listing:


1. Top of the Hill Polka
2. Little Eddie’s Polka
3. Evening Waltz
4. Tony’s Polka
5. I Wanna Call You Sweetheart
6. Give My Heart Back
7. Ohio Polka
8. Little People Polka
9. Orphan Waltz
10. Old Timer’s Polka
11. Polka Express Polka
12. Snow Waltz
13. Terezinka Polka
14. Kamnik Polka
15. Wooden Shoes Polka
*See explanation above for the rest of the tracks.

Artist: Fred Ziwich