Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers - Keeping the Tradition

Adam and the Jolly Jammers featuring Adam Sandhurst on Concertina!

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Adam Sandhurst comes from a long line of polka music in the Dutchmen Style. Adam plays a fine concertina and leads the Jolly Jammers. Check out this CD today!

Special Guest on this CD is Vince Sandhurst with a concertina duet on Life in the Finnish Woods.

Tracks include:

1. One Eyed Jack
2. Champion Valley Polka
3. Cottage Under the Mountains
4. Brentster’s Schottische
5. Buttons and Bellows Laendler
6. When the World Keeps on Turning
7. Black Hawk Waltz
8. Repeat Polka
9. Life in the Finnish Woods
10. Gold Dust Polka
11. Ponderosa Polka
12. Hobo Polka
13. Grandmother’s Joy Laendler
14. Three Yanks Polka
15. Karen Marie
16. Dance Hall Polka
17. Blue Spanish Eyes
18. Chimney Sweep Polka
19. Adam’s Laendler #1
20. Jolly Peter Polka
Artist: Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers