Box On - Come On and Dance

It's All in the Family with Box On! Special Guest is Hank Guzevich from Polka Family!

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Box On is the culmination of time in the life of one family. Rick and Alicia Vinecki have been married for twenty-five years. Back in the day, Rick had his own band as a teenager. The Melody Kings were a group of young guys playing some awesome polka music back in the eighties. Alicia was part of the band known as Polka Family. She played clarinet alongside her brothers, mother and father. As fate would have it Rick and Alicia met at a polka dance in Detroit and were married just seven months later.

They are now the parents of eight amazing children. Each child has shown musical ability and the desire to perform. Three years ago the family began playing simple music for local assisted living and nursing homes. Recently they have extended their performing to music festivals.

Lucas plays guitar and drums. Maria plays bass and keeps the beat steady. Olivia plays keyboards and sings lead on many familiar songs. Julia plays guitar and sings lead and backup vocals. Alex plays drums and trumpet and sings. Tony and Bella, the two youngest sing and would like to grow into musicians.

Now, you may be saying I only count seven. This is true. Nick was born with Down Syndrome. He too enjoys music and plays an accordion in his own special way. You may see Nick perform with the band or he may be enjoying one of his other desired activities on any given weekend.

This is the third CD by Box On!

Special Guest is Hank Guzevich from Polka Family

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Track Listing:

1. I’m In The Mood For Dancing
2. Pani Mloda-Chocolate Soda
3. Buszie’s House
4. Goodbye
5. That’s What We’ll Do
6. Teach Me How To Dance Waltz
7. Sing Right Out
8. Polish Krakowianka
9. Heartaches By The Number
10. Good Luck-Love And Peace
11. Twirl And Swirl Oberek
12. Everybody Loves A Lover
13. All Shook Up
14. Hey Loddy Lo
Artist: Box On