Brueggen, Brian and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen - Daddy…Play Tina

Brian & the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen continue to play the fine concertina feature music of the Upper Midwest!

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Brian Brueggen comes from a long history of music making in the state of Wisconsin. His cousin is Gary Brueggen from Gary & the Ridgeland Dutchmen. Brian Brueggen continues to entertain with his concertina and leads Brian & the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen. This concertina driven music is sure to please many. There are some original compositions within his music as well as many standards from the Upper Midwest! Don’t pass Brian & the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen! Please see their many other albums on

Track Listing:

1. Moje' Deka Polka
2. Waltz 17
3. Morning Star Polka
4. Sweet Nearness of You
5. Heska Holka Polka
6. Dutch Lullaby Waltz
7. Happy Wanderer
8. Banjo Polka
9. Tennessee Waltz
10. Muziky Muziky Polka
11. Laughing Concertina Polka
12. Chicago Waltz
13. Julida Polka
14. Baby Annie Waltz (written by Brian Brueggen)
15. Jolly Swiss Boy Polka
16. Meadowlark Waltz
17. Coon Valley Twist (written by Brian Brueggen)
18. Papa's Hoolerie (written by Brian Brueggen)
19. Waltz of the Angels
20. Syl's Polka (written by Syl Liebl)
21. Snow Ball Waltz
Artist: Brian Brueggen and the Mississippi Valley Dutchmen