Brusky - Escape to Polka Paradise

Tom Brusky Presents this Outstanding CD of All Original Songs!

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"Escape to Polka Paradise" is a CD album of 20 new songs including two digital singles written by Tom Brusky, spotlighting a lineup of top singers. Mollie Busta (Mollie B) is the featured vocalist, and guest vocalists include Betillo Arellano, Abby Broeniman, Andrea Ehlinger, Dawn Jones, Steve Meisner, Dan Tutsch, and Jessica Lynne Witty. Three of the best musicians in the business – David Austin, Don Hunjadi, and Ed Klancnik – added their instrumental talents to this production.

"Northern Wisconsin Woods" is aptly sung by Dawn Jones, a native of Eagle River now residing in Milwaukee. This song is dedicated to her and to Dan Tutsch, the guitar player in Tom's band, whose perfect heaven is little more than a cabin, boat, and fishing rod.

"Agatha's Waltz" honors the memory of one of the Tom Brusky Band's most cherished supporters, Agatha Ulrich, who passed away in 2021.

"The Wonderful Joys of Spring", with its cheerful flute and string ensemble interlude, musically depicts the wonder and magic of the season. Mollie B perfectly captured the feel of the song with her vocals and harmonies.

"The Sorrowful Lark" (Pechal'nyy Zhayvoronok) is an epic rendition of a traditional folk song from the fictional country of Eastern Belkravia. Fronting the 48-piece choir is Andrea Ehlinger, a talented, local singer and songwriter who studied vocal performance and musical theater at UW-Milwaukee.

"Waiting for a Dance" is an uplifting duet featuring two of the polka industry's most venerated singers: Abby Broeniman and Steve Meisner.

"My Daddy Lives On", featuring the exceptionally talented country artist Jessica Lynne Witty, is a heartwarming, sentimental song Tom released as a digital single

Track Listing:

1. You Are the Man
2. Northern Wisconsin Woods
3. Arthy's Polka
4. Had I Known
5. My Little Honeybun
6. Secret Place
7. Disoriental Polka
8. Agatha's Waltz
9. I Don't Know How to Yodel
10. Memories of You
11. Cruisin' in My Crown Vic
12. Viola's Waltz
13. A Boy I'd Like to Know
14. The Wonderful Joys of Spring
15. Snickety Snick
16. The Sorrowful Lark
17. Bike Trail Polka
18. Waiting for a Dance
19. Grange Avenue Polka
20. My Daddy Lives On

Artist: Tom Brusky