Dee - Bang!

Cleveland Style Polkas & Waltzes

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Here is a CD of Cleveland Style Polkas & Waltzes with Mikey Dee entitled “Bang!”. This group plays with gusto and has some exciting music. Check out Mikey Dee!


Track Listing:


1. Love Never Dies (My Memories)
2. Slagle-Ride
3. Little Girl
4. 57th Street Polka
5. One More Kiss
6. Dream Waltz
7. Yoy! Polka
8. Pol-Kats
9. My Lady Loves To Dance
10. Samba ala 'Mikey'
11. Don't Forget Me Waltz
12. Milica Polka
13. Half of the Time
14. To You I Said I Do

Artist: Mikey Dee