Frohnofer - This Was Meant To Be

Polkas and Waltzes Slovenian Style with Jack Frohnofer!

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Jack Frohnofer plays Cleveland/Slovenian Style Polkas and Waltzes on this album. “This Was Meant to Be” is the title of this album. Check out Jack Frohnofer today on this CD.


Track Listing:


1. Coffee Pot Polka
2. Two Timin’ You Polka
3. D & A Waltz
4. Chromatic Polka
5. Sugarcreek Polka
6. Old Homestead Waltz
7. Church’s Chant
8. Little Eddie’s Polka
9. Rose of Rio Waltz
10. Macedonian Kolo
11. Drenik’s Polka
12. Grandmother Waltz

Artist: Jack Frohnhofer