Gaedtke, Reiny - Old Time Favorites

Classic Old Time Music from Wisconsin with Reiny Gaedtke!

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Reiny Gaedtke plays “Old Time Favorites”. Here’s Reiny! Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Poor Cinderella Polka
2. Behind The Blacksmith Shop Waltz
3. Five Foot Two
4. Til We Meet Polka
5. Johnny’s Tune In Waltz
6. Rano Ranicko Polka
7. Arise My Darling Polka
8. Wedding Bells Waltz
9. Accordion Jitterbug
10. May Waltz
11. G.I. Polka
12. Waltzing In The Woods
Artist: Reiny Gaedtke

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