Leo Lonnie - 20th Anniversary

Leo Lonnie Bringing Back the Sounds of Nebraska's Finest Old Time Polka Bands!

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“20th Anniversary” with the Leo Lonnie Orchestra direct from Nebraska. “Bringing Back the Sounds of Nebraska’s Finest Old Time Polka Bands” is the theme of this fine CD. This is straight ahead Czech Style polka music with Leo Lonnie. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

1. Bum’s Luck Polka
2. In a Green Grove Polka
3. Long Ago Waltz
4. Merry Go Round Polka
5. Lost Love Polka
6. Rose Blossom Waltz
7. Fickle Annie Polka
8. Green Garden Polka
9. I Have Loved Waltz
10. Summer Festival Polka
11. Grown Rose Waltz
12. Tell Me Why Polka
13. Irvin’s Hoolerie Polka
14. Till We Meet Again Waltz
15. Little by Little Polka
16. Trumpets Play Waltz
17. Three Yanks Polka
18. Woodman’s Old House Waltz
19. Tonight Polka
Artist: Leo Lonnie Orchestra

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