Meixner, Al - M-phasis - Cleveland Style/American Slovene

Al Meixner performing Slovenian/American Cleveland Style Polkas!

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Mr. Al Meixner has been making music his entire life. He has studied music in great detail and continues to produce the music. Al Meixner plays Cleveland Style/American Slovenian on this CD. Check out this CD today!

Track listing:

Track listing:

1. Iron Man "60" Polka
2. Zivio Slovenci
3. Janez and Lojze Polka
4. My Maria Polka
5. Let Us Entertain You Polka
6. Carol Ann Polka
7. Good Times Waltz
8. Button Box Bash #5
9. Bar Room Polka
10. Little People Polka
11. Maskare Polka
12. Potpourri Polka
13. Jammin' Joe Polka
14. Oja/Gor Cez Izaro Waltz Medley
15. Flamisch's Polka
16. Moonshine Polka
Artist: Al Meixner