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Meixner, Alex - You Asked For It - LIVE - DVD/CD Set

Alex Meixner recorded Live-In-Person! - DVD/CD

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The live performances of The Alex Meixner Band thrill audiences with shows that combine virtuosity, creativity, and energy in a way that surprises and entertains. After many years of requests for a live recording (check out the DVD/CD combo!) of their on-stage antics, the band has finally captured their spontaneous spirit.

Alex is featured with his dynamic accordion, horn and vocal performances along with Hank Guzevich (of the 4 time Grammy-nominated Polka Family Band) on trumpet, guitar, and vocals; Joe Tierney on Sax, Clarinet, Guitar and Vocals; and Tom Haller on Drums. Special Guest vocalists Michael Morris and Bubba Hernandez (a 2 time Grammy® winner with Brave Combo) add to the excitement.

A mixture of Rock/Polka Mashups that contain elements of Ozzy Osbourne, Queen, Sir Mix a Lot, Guns N Roses, and Ramstein are featured along with the beautiful Mexican ballad, Volver, Volver and new songs including “Let’s Stop Thinking, Let’s Start Drinking!” to make for a fun show that is sure to be enjoyed over and over.

Songs Included on the CD:

1. Zigge Zagge / Too Fat Trilogy
2. I Like Beer
3. Why Die Thirsty?
4. Let’s Stop Thinking, Let’s Start Drinking
5. Du Hast Medley
6. Bongzilla
7. Luckenbach, Texas
8. Bouncing Brody’s Bodacious Button Box Bolka Medley
9. Pretty Princesses Waltz
10. HoeDown
11. Lonely Planet
12. Crazy Train Medley
13. Kitchen Sink
14. Volver, Volver
15. Hello Dolly
16. Sweet Child O’ Mine / Clarinet Polka
Artist: Alex Meixner