Neuman - Old Time

Outstanding Project with Nathan Neuman playing Old Time "The Way It's Supposed To Be"!

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Do you like Old Time Dutchmen Style Polkas and Waltzes? Check out this CD with Nathan Neuman. Nathan grew up in the middle of Minnesota, the heart of Old Time Country, near New Ulm. This CD features Nathan Neuman playing every instrument! Nathan plays accordion, banjo, clarinet, concertina, drums, piano, saxophone, trumpet, tuba, as well as doing all the singing. Of course, he doesn’t do this all at once, but with the use of recording techniques he produced this quality Old Time CD! Don’t pass up this CD album today! Fine Sound! is encouraging Nathan to continue onward and upward!

Track Listing:

1. The Ray Theis Special
2. Little Goose Polka
3. Ellen Polka
4. Ping Pong Polka
5. Little Fisherman’s Waltz
6. Fanny Shake Polka
7. Norwegian Spring Dance
8. Anna Eklund’s Schottische
9. Prune Song
10. Overshoe Laendler
11. Seven Days Without You
12. Schnapps Polka

Artist: Nathan Neuman