Ostanek, Klancnik, Bajuk, Kravos, The Touch - Back to Back - Hall of Fame Polkas

A plethora of polka music with International Polka Music Hall of Fame® members Walter Ostanek, Jerry Darlak, and Mike Nowakowski!

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Grammy® Nominated CD album!

Walter Ostanek, Bob Kravos, Eddie Klancnik, Joey Bajuk, and Jerry Darlak & the Touch present a vast array of Slovenian and Polish style polka music! This CD album has 25 tracks with some excellent musicianship. Don’t pass these polkas! Look for their other CDs by these artists on www.PolkaConnection.com


Track listing:


1. Bobby’s Polka-Walter Ostanek
2. Dorothy’s Waltz-Walter Ostanek
3. I Only Want a Buddy Polka-Bob Kravos
4. Korby’s Polka-Eddie Klancnik
5. Let’s Go Skiing-Bob Kravos
6. My Baby Loves Me Polka-Walter Ostanek
7. Night After Night Waltz-Bob Kravos
8. Pig Skin Polka-Walter Ostanek
9. Suzy Waltz-Bob Kravos
10. Tell me a Story Polka-Walter Ostanek
11. Last Time I Saw Henry Polka-Bob Kravos
12. Waltz of the Angels-Walter Ostanek
13. The Vegas Polka
14. I’m A Jerk-Walter Ostanek
15. Daly City Polka-Joey Bajuk
16. Where are you going Mary?-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
17. Happy Wanda-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
18. Matka Waltz-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
19. Bartender Polka-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
20. Have a Good Time Polka-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
21. Polka Squeeze Box-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
22. There’s Pretty Girls in Chicago-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
23. Vroom Vroom Vroom (The Motorcycle Polka)-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
24. Saxy Polka-Jerry Darlak & the Touch
25. Beer Beer Beer Polka-Jerry Darlak & the Touch

Artist: Walter Ostanek, Bob Kravos, Joey Bajuk, Eddie Klancnik, and Jerry Darlak & The Touch