Ostanek and Ziwich - Good Friends Good Music Polkas and Waltzes

Walter Ostanek and Fred Ziwich team up for this CD album with special guests Joey Miskulin, Gaylord Klancnik, Joe Fedorchak, Bob Kravos and more This is a Grammy® Nominated CD album!

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This is a Grammy® nominated CD album

Track listing:

1. Premier Polka – Walter Ostanek
2. Jennifer Polka – Fred Ziwich
3. Mocilnicar’s Polka – Gaylord Klancnik & Joey Miskulin
4. Charm of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes – Walter Ostanek
5. Bavarian Polka – Igor In Zlati Zvoki
6. Polka Your Troubles Away – Fred Ziwich
7. Friendly Hand Polka – Bob Kravos
8. Junior’s Waltz – Fred Ziwich & Joe Fedorchak
9. Together Polka – Walter Ostanek
10. Cherokee Polka – Fred Ziwich
11. Let The Sun Shine In – Fred Ziwich
12. Jeffrey’s Polka – Walter Ostanek
13. Quiet Valley Waltz Igo In Zlati Zvoki
14. Let Me Call You Sweetheart – Walter Ostanek
15. My Harmonika Waltz – Walter Ostanek
16. Ziwich Plays Staiduhar – Fred Ziwich
17. Just a Closer Walk with Thee – Gaylord Klancnik
18. It’s Getting Dusk Polka – Fred Ziwich
19. California Polka – Bob Kravos
20. Look at Us – Fred Ziwich
21. Matilda Polka – Fred Ziwich & Joe Fedorchak
22. My Mary Polka – Walter Ostanek
Artist: Walter Ostanek Fred Ziwich