Ostanek and Western Senators - You Polka, You Brought Her!

Canada's Polka King Walter Ostanek with the Western Senators!

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The Western Senators have been playing music for many years. They have traveled the United States and Canada for decades. On many occasions they have teamed up with Canada's Polka King and Grammy® award winner Walter Ostanek.


Track Listing:


1. I Want to Call You Sweetheart Polka
2. Laendler #2
3. Isle of Capri Polka
4. Big Bang Polka
5. Face to the Wall
6. Black Velvet Waltz
7. Cleveland Polka
8. Rolling Rock Polka
9. Strawberry Hill Polka
10. Helvak’s Walrtz
11. Colinda
12. Pop ‘N John’s Polka
13. Old Oklahoma Waltz
14. Highways are Happy Ways Polka

Artist: Walter Ostanek & the Western Senators