Ostanek - Non-Stop Polka

Canada's Polka King-Walter Ostanek!

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Non Stop Polka is what Canada’s Polka King does on this album! Lots of polkas within medleys of songs! Walter Ostanek loves the music and it shows on this project! PolkaConnection.com carries many more Walter Ostanek albums


Track Listing:


1. Medley-Checkersville Polka, Cecil’s Polka, Cheese and Crackers Polka, Pony Tail Polka, Ding Dong Polka
2. Medley-Beer Barrel Polka, Pennsylvania Polka, Hoop Dee Do Polka
3. Button Box Medley: Lee and Ann’s Polka, Button Accordion Polka, Lalli’s Polka, Sersen’s Polka, Julie’s Polka
4. Latin Melody: You Belong to my Heart, Marianne, You Belong to my Heart
5. Medley-Garden City Polka, Wally and Andy’s Polka, Wilkinson’s Polka, Gregor’s Polka, Holst’s Polka
6. Medley-Stand and Sing Ein Prosit Polka, In Heaven There Is No Beer Polka, We’re here because we’re Here Polka, EE I OH Polka, Hey Ba Be Re Ba Polka, EE I OH Polka
7. Slovenian Button Box Waltz
8. St. Catherines Our Town Polka
9. Medley-Una Paloma Blanca Polka, This Land is Your Land Polka, My Melody of Love Polka
10. Mexican Polka Medley: El Rancho Grande Polka, Gay Ranchero Polka, Over the Waves Polka, Cielito Lindo Polka, El Gusto Polka
11. Happy Birthday Polka
12. German Waltz Medley: In Kitchener It’s Oktoberfest Waltz, Drink Drink Brothers Waltz, You Can’t Be True Dear Waltz, Oktoberfest Waltz, For Ever and Ever Waltz
13. Macarena (EE I OH)
14. German Polka Medley: The Happy Wanderer Polka, Happy Fellows Polka, Wooden Heart Polka, Be Satisfied Polka, Lili Marlene Polka
15. Ukranian Folk Medley
16. We are St. Catherines Polka

Artist: Walter Ostanek