Ostanek - Putting It All To-Gether

Canada's Polka King, Three Time Grammy® Award Winner, International Polka Music Hall of Fame®

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This is a Grammy® nominated CD album

Track listing:

1. Putting It All To-Gether Polka
2. Fast Eddie’s Polka
3. Forever Waltz
4. Rainbow Polka
5. Mary’s Polka
6. Maples Ballroom Polka
7. A George M. Cohan Medley
8. Lottery Polka9. Waltz for Irene
10. Sweet Polka Dot Polka
11. Beloved Be Faithful Waltz
12. Collinwood Polka
13. Drifting and Dreaming Polka
14. Lefty’s Polka
15. Little Fella Waltz
16. Slovenian Shuffle Polka
17. So you think you’re Smart Polka
18. Fingers George Polka
19. I Get So Lonely Polka
20. Waltzing At the Slovenian Country House
21. Silver Dollar Polka
22. Tennessee Waltz
23. Mountain Polka
24. Sparking Eyes Oberek
Artist: Walter Ostanek