Ostanek - Timeless Polkas and Waltzes

Canada's Polka King Walter Ostanek with several special guests on 22 great songs!

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Walter Ostanek is Canada’s Polka King! He continues to release quality music. This album is entitled “Timeless Polkas and Waltzes”. Specials guests on this album include: Joey Miskulin, Bob Kravos, Jim Kozel, Frank Moravcik, David Austin, Brian O’Boyle, Mark Habat, Paul Yanchar, Eddie Klancnik & Friends, and many more. Don’t pass this CD!


Track Listing:


1. My Lulubelle Polka
2. 24-7 Polka Heaven Polka
3. The Girl Next Door Waltz
4. Tavern Polka
5. Joy Joy Joy Polka
6. Sweet Memories
7. Tino's Polka
8. Oktoberfest Is Here To Stay Polka
9. Somewhere My Love Waltz (Lara’s Theme)
10. Cherokee Polka
11. A Night in May Waltz
12. Dupan Polka
13. Look My Way Polka
14. Lou's Polka
15. Roly Poly
16. Grand Dad's Waltz
17. Strike up The Band
18. Pecon Polka
19. Open up Your Heart Polka
20. Beloved Be Faithful Waltz
21. Strawberries & Raspberries
22. Magic Moment Waltz

Artist: Walter Ostanek