Pala Brothers - Joyous Noise

Polish American Polkas with the Pala Brothers!

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Classic Music with the Pala Brothers! This CD contains music with the Pala Brothers direct from Chicago. Check out this CD today!

Tracks include:

1. Hey Mr. Squeezebox Polka
2. What is Love Waltz
3. Girls Like Mom Polka
4. Answer to Stella at the Wheel
5. My Old Gal Polka
6. You Don't Love Me Polka
7. Love, Love Polka
8. A Fool Never Learns
9. My Heart Skips a Beat Polka
10. A Mother's Sad Song
11. Sweet Gypsy Rose Polka
12. Don't Fall in Love Polka
13. My Coloring Book
14. I Feel A Headache Coming On
15. For Always Waltz
16. Sing About the Good Times
17. Sitting By Myself Polka
18. Kisses For Me Polka
19. Polka Music in My Heart Polka
20. Cool It Polka
Artist: Pala Brothers