Polka Country Musicians - Good Ol' Daze

Polish American Push Style Polkas with the Polka Country Musicians!

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The Polka Country Musicians continue pumping out quality power packed Push Style polka music. Rich & Wally Dombrowski, leaders of the Polka Country Musicians, have lived this music for decades. The heritage is event as is a contemporary edge to their sound. Don’t pass the Polka Country Musicians!

Track Listing:

1. Good Ol' Days
2. A Little Love
3. Dreamin’ With My Eyes Wide Open
4. Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
5. Let's Plant a Tree
6. Steel Rails
7. Far Away From Home
8. Sold!!!
9. Can't Afford To Be a Star
10. Who Am I to Say
11. You Win, I Lose
12. Sweetheart Tree Waltz
13. Tattletale
14. Farkels Frolic
Artist: Polka Country Musicians