Polka Country Musicians - Hard at Play

Polish American Push Style Polkas with the Polka Country Musicians!

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The Polka Country Musicians continue to perform and excellent at their mix of contemporary and classic sounds! Wally & Rich Dombrowski lead the Polka Country Musicians and it is evident that they love the music. Check out their latest CD entitled “Hard at Play”.


Track Listing:


1. It's another Polka Weekend
2. Hello Beautiful
3. Hoja Hoja
4. Too Late For Cryin'
5. What Might Have Been
6. Gonna Live It Up
7. Bright Star
8. Chicken Fried
9. Honeycomb
10. Fragrant Roses Oberek
11. Champagne Tastes
12. I'll marry You Next Saturday
13. These Are My People
14. That Tender Touch

Artist: Polka Country Musicians