Stanger - All Keyed Up

Frank Stanger playing Fine Cleveland Style Polkas!

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The Frank Stanger Orchestra is back with its first new recording since the early 1990's (re-masters of those recordings were released in 2006). There are 12 polkas and waltzes with 10 originals written by Frank Stanger and others. Special guest vocalists are Denny Bucar, Jim Lapinski, Kim Rodick, and John Ross. Check out this new CD today entitled "All Keyed Up"!

Track Listing:

1. Kenny Zagar's Polka
2. Stefan's Polka
3. Michigan Waltz
4. Punxsutawney Phil Polka
5. Tommy's Polka
6. Pauline's Waltz
7. Lonely Hours Waltz
8. Barberton Polka
9. Lynne Ann's Waltz
10. Falling Waters Waltz
11. Checkersville Polka
12. Yours and Mine Polka
Artist: Frank Stanger