Texas Dutchmen - Are You Ready to Party?? - Live from Texas

The Texas Dutchman performing Fine Music!

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The late Harry Czarnek led the Texas Dutchmen for years. The Texas Dutchmen continue on with fine music. Check out this CD with the Texas Dutchmen!

Track listing:

1. Musical Polka
2. Friendship Polka
3. Falling Apples Laendler
4. Rosalie Polka
5. Long Ago Waltz
6. Mildred Polka
7. Firemans Polka
8. Dutchmen’s Waltz
9. Dove Polka
10. Red Handkerchief Waltz
11. Minnesota Polka
12. Eyes of Texas Medley
13. Our Mike Polka
14. Beatrice Waltz
15. Trumpets and Clarinets Polka
16. Autumn Rose Laendler
17. Fancy Pants Polka
18. Huntsman’s Laendler
19. Hill and Dale Polka
20. Kunesh Waltz
21. Old Lady Polka
22. Greet My Homeland Waltz
23. Around the Moon Polka
Artist: Texas Dutchmen