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For the creation of his CD album, Accordion Band, Matt Tolentino drew his inspiration from accordion band charts published between 1935-1960 by Vitak-Elsnic Company. Bringing this decades-old music back to life seemed tailor-made for this multi-instrumentalist and accordionist extraordinaire. The 17 songs on the release range from classical to traditional folk tunes, which are performed by Tolentino playing all 5 accordion parts using a selection of instruments from his personal collection.

Tolentino has that rare skill of being able to be true to the original arrangement, while adding color to the musical image through his own interpretation and use of trills and flourishes. The result is a unique sound that demonstrates the beauty of these arrangements, the versatility of the vintage accordions and Tolentino’s musical artistry.

Matt Tolentino is a musician and bandleader specializing in the live performance and preservation of “old-time” music. You can catch him live-in-person with his groups The Singapore Slingers, The Royal Klobasneks, and The Matt Tolentino Band.

Check out this CD today! Excellent all instrumental accordion throughout this CD album.

Tracks include:

01. Barbara Polka
02. Barcolle
03. Rain Rain Polka
04. Flying Squadron March
05. Violets Waltz
06. Cherry Pickers Polka
07. Homecoming Waltz
08. Independentia March
09. Tinker Polka
10. Panis Angelicus
11. Emilia Polka
12. Under the Double Eagle March
13. Our Katy Polka
14. Londonderry Air (Danny Boy)
15. Saint Paul Waltz
16. Marceaux Brillante March
17. Minneapolis Polka

Artist: Matt Tolentino