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Western Senators with Walter Ostanek - Polkarama!  The Complete Season 4 (3 DVDs)

Walter Ostanek and the Western Senators in 6 hours of music on 3 DVDs - 12 TV Shows!

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Polka DVD Set (3 DVDs) – PolkaRama The Complete Season 4 featuring Walter Ostanek and the Western Senators

6 hours long

The Western Senators have been playing music for many years. They have traveled the United States and Canada for decades. On many occasions they have teamed up with Canada's Polka King and Grammy® award winner Walter Ostanek.

Show One:

1. Oktoberfest is here to Stay Polka
2. Uncle Nick’s Polka
3. Laendler #7
4. I Saw a Rainbow Polka
5. The Key’s in the Mailbox
6. Take Me as I Am
7. Whiskey River
8. You Are My Sunshine Polka

Show Two:

9. Let’s Have a Party Polka
10. Wishbone Polka
11. Loretta Polka
12. Clap Happy Polka
13. Clarinet Polka
14. Uncle Pen
15. A Way to Survive
16. Augustine Waltz
17. Gregor’s Polka

Show Three:

18. Joy Joy Polka
19. Cheese and Crackers Polka
20. Whoop Polka
21. Polka Poppers Polka
22. Roseanne Polka
23. Different Kind of Flower
24. New Heartache
25. Garden City Polka
26. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Polka

Show Four:

27. Stand and Sing Polka
28. Twilight Polka
29. Maria Polka
30. Marylou Polka
31. Kiss Me Tonight Polka
32. Button Accordion Polka
33. I Love an Old Fashioned Polka
34. Baby Doll Polka

Show Five:

35. Old Oklahoma Polka
36. Strawberry Hill Polka
37. Isle of Capri Polka
38. A Night in May Waltz
39. Sydney’s Waltz
40. Another Bridge to Burn
41. Sensuous Woman

Show Six:

42. You Told Me Once Polka
43. Bye Bye My Baby
44. In Heaven There Is No Beer
45. Old Oklahoma Waltz
46. Uncle Pen
47. Texas Two-Step Medley

Show Seven:

48. When you’re Away Polka
49. Ukrainian Polka
50. Euclid Vets Polka
51. Joe’s Polka
52. Farewell Party
53. I Knew from the Start Polka

Show Eight:

54. Oktoberfest Waltz
55. Sersen’s Polka
56. Miller’s Polka
57. A Night in May Waltz
58. Sydney’s Waltz
59. Long Black Veil
60. Augustine Waltz
61. Pecon Polka

Show Nine:

62. Joy Joy Polka
63. Oktoberfest Medley
64. June Waltz
65. Marylou Polka
66. Kiss Me Tonight
67. Morning after Baby Let Me Down
68. Face to The Wall
69. Cheese and Crackers Polka

Show Ten:

70. Old Oklahoma Polka
71. Snow Waltz
72. TP Polka
73. Marylou Polka
74. Misery Loves Company
75. Undo the Right Medley
76. Ding Dong Polka
77. Wally and Andy’s Polka

Show Eleven:

78. You Told Me Once You Loved Me
79. Gornik’s Polka
80. Safeway Waltz
81. Night in May
82. That’s Alright Mama
83. Folsom Prison Blues
84. Sukaloski Polka
85. Blue Eyes Crying in The Rain

Show Twelve:

86. While You’re Away
87. Wally and Andy’s Polka
88. Be Satisfied Polka
89. Four Fellas Polka
90. Sydney’s Waltz
91. Please Don’t Squeeze My Charmin
92. Pyramid Polka
93. Julida Polka

Artist: Walter Ostanek and The Western Senators

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