Ziwich - Tribute to:  Frank Yankovic

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Fred Ziwich with a Tribute to Frankie Yankovic!

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Fred Ziwich’s International Sound Machine presents a “Polka & Waltz Tribute to: Frank Yankovic”. Frankie Yankovic is America’s Polka King and Fred Ziwich plays some of Yankovic’s Hits on this CD. Fred Ziwich is from Cleveland and this is where Frankie Yankovic lived while traveling the USA and abroad playing his music.

Track Listing:

1. Yankovic's, Carol Ann Medley
2. Frankie’s Roseanne Medley
3. Beloved, Be Faithful
4. Just Because, Tick Tock Medley
5. Linda's Lullabye, Over 3 Hills Medley
6. Squeeze Box Polka, Sit down Medley
7. My Mary Polka
8. Blue Skirt Waltz
9. Frank Novak Medley
10. I've got a Date with Molly
11. Milwaukee, Old Milwaukee Medley
12. Accordion Man Waltz
13. Dance, Dance, Dance
14. Chicago Twirl, Polka Pal
15. My Darling Ann Waltz
16. Chip on Your Shoulder
17. St. Louis Polka
18. Sweet Nearness of You
19. Hu-La-La Polka
20. When Banana Skins are Falling
21. Can't we talk it Over Waltz
22. Pretty Polly Polka
23. Rendezvous Waltz
24. Sunset Valley Polka
Artist: Fred Ziwich & his International Sound Machine