Zolka - The Zolka Brothers Collection

Cleveland Style Polkas with the Zolka Brothers on this CD!

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Don't pass the energetic sounds of the Zolka Brothers! Bob and Ernie Zolka pump out some fantastic music on this CD. This is a PolkaConnection.com recommended CD! You won't be sorry... Track listing:

1. Zolka’s Polka
2. So Much In Love
3. My Sweetheart Waltz
4. Slovenian Village Polka
5. Do I Still Belong To You Waltz
6. El Gusto Polka
7. Marilyn Polka
8. Terri Ann Polka
9. I’ll Wait For You Waltz
10. Zip Polka
11. Maricka Moya Polka
12. That’s All
13. Youngstown Polka
14. Incline Polka
15. Acapulca Polka
16. Benasich Polka
17. Charm Of Your Beautiful Dark Eyes
18. Slovenian Waltz Medley
19. I Love You Polka
20. The Wedding Medley
Artist: Zolka Brothers