Ziwich - Tribute to:  Kenny Bass & Johnny Pecon

International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Fred Ziwich with a Tribute to Kenny Bass and Johnny Pecon!

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Fred Ziwich’s International Sound Machine presents a “Polka & Waltz Tribute to: Kenny Bass & Johnny Pecon”. Fred Ziwich is from Cleveland and this is where Kenny Bass and Johnny Pecon lived and performed. Check out this CD with Fred Ziwich and his International Sound Machine!

Track Listing:

1. Jam Session Favorites Medley
2. Magic City Polka
3. Full Moon, Hey There Babe Medley
4. Blue Dawn Waltz
5. Payroll, Cingel Congol Medley
6. Tea Time Polka
7. Polka Lovers Time Medley
8. Marching in the Streets
9. Safeway Waltz
10. Medley #5
11. Roulette Waltz
12. Eins, Zwei, Drei, Vier Polka

13. Pecon's Polka
14. Roseland/Nancy's Waltz
15. Iron Mike Polka
16. Ava Polka
17. Cindy Waltz
18. Pecon in the 50's Medley
19. Zip-Hootenanny Medley
20. Peggy's/Lois' Waltzes
21. Sweet Polka Dot
22. Sondra's Polka
23. Darlene Waltz
24. Incline Polka
Artist: Fred Ziwich & his International Sound Machine