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Creative Polkas with energy!

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International Polka Music Hall of Fame® Randy Koslosky and brother Bernie Koslosky lead the group energy. The group energy is back! This CD album is simply entitled “Pure Energy” with energy. Check out this creative CD with energy.

This CD was chosen International Polka Music CD Album of the Year for 1993.

Track Listing:

1. Polka Lovin’ Gal
2. Kare Konie
3. Today
4. Where the Green Reaches Up to The Blue
5. That’s the Story
6. Shake It Baby
7. Paddy Wagon
8. Gonna Climb the Hill
9. Sledzie
10. Siupaj Di
11. You Are My Sunshine
12. Hey!
13. Rocks and Stones
14. Drink Drink
15. Life Long Love
16. The Gift

Artist: energy

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