Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers - Premium Old Tyme Music

Adam and the Jolly Jammers featuring Adam Sandhurst on Concertina!

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Adam Sandhurst comes from a long line of polka music in the Dutchmen Style. Adam plays a fine concertina and leads the Jolly Jammers. Check out this CD today!

Tracks include:

1. Premium Laendler
2. Aunt Ella’s Polka
3. Ericka Waltz
4. South
5. Swiss Boy Waltz
6. Bartender Polka
7. Hoolerie #1
8. Please Maria Don’t You Cry
9. Silver Lake Waltz
10. Cherry Pickers Polka
11. I’m Coming Waltz
12. Dark Town Strutter’s Ball
13. Bicycles of Belsize Waltz
14. Red Apple Hoolerie
15. Drifting Immigrants
16. Anytime
17. Carnival Waltz
18. Round and Round Polka
19. The West, A Nest, and You Dear Waltz
20. Loveless Polka
Artist: Adam Sandhurst and the Jolly Jammers