Gora - Duty Free Polkas

Polish Push Style Polkas from Canada

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This is a Grammy® nominated CD album

Track listing:


1. Love Don't Get Better
2. Ta Dana Polka
3. Tun the Other Way Polka
4. In Our Village
5. Saxarent Polka
6. My Girls Polka
7. Oj Dana/Red Rose Medley
8. Forever Blue Polka
9. Goral Polka
10. My Shoes Polka
11. Goralu Waltz
12. I Can't Tell My Heart
13. Four Daughters Polka
14. Good Night Polka
15. Na Zdrowie Toast
16. Jeszcze Polska Nie Zginiela (Polish National Anthem)

Artist: John Gora and Gorale

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