Hundenski - Power Packed Polkas of Distinction

Great Classic Big Band Eastern Style Polkas with Bud Hundenski and His Corsairs!

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Bud Hundenski & the Corsairs continue on with the fine Eastern Style of Polish American Polka Music. This CD features several classics recently re-released with Bud Hundenski. Check out these two classic album now on one CD with Bud Hundenski & the Corsairs!

We at highly recommended this CD!

Track listing:

1. Harvard Avenue Polka
2. Chicken Market Oberek
3. Ukrainian Village Polka
4. Grasshopper Oberek
5. Polish Wedding March Polka
6. Monday Morning Polka
7. Red Rose Polka
8. Mary My Love Oberek
9. Moonshine Polka
10. Hey Cavalier Polka
11. Baking Bread Polka
12. Jailhouse Polka
13. Steel City Oberek
14. Father's Promise Polka
15. You are My One True Love Waltz
16. My Little Dove Polka
17. Polka From The Point
18. Sophie's Berries Oberek
19. Happy Bachelor Polka
20. European Czardas
Artist: Bud Hundenski and His Corsairs