Kravos Recording

Cleveland Style Polkas with Christine Hibbs, Fred Ziwich, Paul Yanchar, Joe Godina, Dick Flaisman and more

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Track listing:


1. Iron Range Polka
2. Beautiful Slovenia Waltz
3. On The Beach Polka
4. Angel Song
5. Tip Top Polka
6. Should I Care Waltz
7. Jaz Sem Miko Polka
8. Mountain Flower Waltz
9. Sugar Bush Polka
10. Sweetheart Waltz
11. My Fellow Polka
12. Slovenian Unveiling Song
13. Whoop Polka
14. Where Is Spring Waltz
15. 4R's Polka
16. Smile Sweetheart Smile Waltz
17. La La La Waltz

Artist: Bob Kravos and the Boys in the Band