Kucera, Jim - We're Still Kicking!

Jim Kucera plays Polkas and More from Nebraska!

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Jim Kucera continues to perform the music. Here is a brand-new CD of 20 tracks with Jim Kucera. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Foolish Polka
2. Jumping Jack Polka
3. Tall Evergreen Polka
4. Jolly Tuba Polka
5. Play to Me Gypsy
6. Come to Us, Joe Polka
7. Baba Polka
8. Grasshopper Polka
9. Cross in The Field Waltz
10. Midnight Rose Waltz
11. Alpine Delight Waltz
12. Norwegian Waltz
13. Emil’s Polka
14. Brutus in The Bathtub Polka
15. Barley Pop Polka
16. Mice Parade Polka
17. Don’t Squeeze My Sharmon Waltz
18. Schmaltz Polka
19. Red Wine Polka
20. Saddle Horse Polka

Artist: Jim Kucera