Malek's Fishermen - Let's Party

Malek's Fishermen present some of their music from the Upper Midwest, USA!

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Malek’s Fishermen come to us from Iowa. They are well known throughout various parts of the Upper Midwest. Malek’s Fishermen continue in the Dutchmen style started decades ago! Check out this CD with Malek’s Fishermen!

Track listing:

1. Blue Bird Polka
2. Beautiful Brown Eyes Waltz
3. Hometown Hoolerie Polka
4. Hold Me
5. Snowflake Waltz
6. Naughty Girl Polka
7. At the Spring Waltz
8. Fireball Polka
9. Kitzberger Hoolerie Waltz
10. Don't Be Angry
11. Tulak Polka
12. Aber Dich Waltz
13. Oh Baby Mine
14. Pennsylvania Polka
15. Circling Pigeons Laendler
16. Leaving & Saying Goodbye
17. Julida Polka
18. Sleepy Eye Waltz
Artist: Malek's Fishermen

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