Rodick - Salutes 60 Years of Cleveland Style Polkas and Waltzes

Cleveland Style Polkas featuring Eddie Rodick! This CD album was recorded Live-In-Person!

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The year was 1991. Eddie Rodick was and continues to be on fire! Check out this Live CD with Eddie Rodick. One of the Best!

Track Listing:


1. Intro-Hoyers Polka
2. Forest Waltz
3. Yankovic Medley
4. My Alice Waltz
5. Round Up the Gang
6. I Saw E-Saw Polka
7. Polka Lovin’ Gal Polka
8. Al Me Bos
9. Zupula Waltz
10. Ta Gaz Ze Polka/Lime House Shuffle
11. Green Valley Waltz
12. Gaitie Bar Polka
13. Timko Medley
14. George Staiduhar Medley
15. Golden Bear Polka
16. Hammer Key Polka
17. I Want To Call You Sweetheart Polka
18. Good Lookin’ Polka
19. Mozart Polka
20. Quick Stop Polka
21. Slap Happy Polka

Artist: Eddie Rodick