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Classic Bohemian Style Music from Wisconsin!

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Jimmy Nejedlo’s love for music began in 1927 when he was 20 years old. This CD album is the result of many requests for the Nejedlo sound. This album was cut from the original 78 rpm masters. Jimmy directed a brass band for 13 years and an orchestra for 14 years, during which time over 100 different musicians played the Nejedlo sound.

For many years there was hardly a celebration in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin that some band from Pilsen was not represented, even when the boys assembled at the courthouse before departing for the army during World War I.

Though players changed in the bands following the Bohemian Brass band, Jimmy Nejedlo’s interest never died and in more recent years he had one of the finest bands in Wisconsin. In these years it played under the name of Jimmy Nejedlo’s Orchestra. Whenever musicians in any nearby communities wanted to play with a well-known band, they turned to Pilsen. That is why Jimmy’s band was one of the finest heard at Radio Station WJPG, Green Bay, Wisconsin, and broadcasting from 1948 to 1950. The group played together until 1954.

Check out the classic music on this CD.

Track listing:

1. Night In May Waltz
2. Barn Swallow Polka
3. Happy Moments Laendler
4. Village Barn Schottische
5. American Girl Polka
6. Pilsen Waltz
7. Blue Skirt Waltz
8. Firemen’s March
9. Gabby’s Polka
10. Earl’s Polka
11. Bonus Track 1
12. Bonus Track 2
Artist: Jimmy Nejedlo Orchestra