New Brass Express - Classic Tracks

The New Brass Express play some Classic Music on this CD!

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The New Brass Express from Michigan continues to push the music. This is their second CD as the New Brass Express under the direction of Mr. Darrell Weltin. This CD is entitled “Classic Tracks”!

Tracks include:

1. By My Cradle Polka
2. I Wanna Shout Polka
3. Young Fellow Oberek
4. Ole' Squeeze Box Polka
5. The Birds Are Singing Waltz
6. Over The Moon Polka
7. Who's That Girl Polka
8. Swir Swir Oberek
9. My Heart & My Pride Polka
10. Sock It to Me Polka
11. In The Evening Waltz
12. Why Don't You Get Married Polka

Artist: New Brass Express