Ostanek and Friends - Polka Stalgia Volume 1

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This impressive set of music with Walter Ostanek and Friends includes many of the “Who’s Who” of Cleveland Style Polka Music! On this CD you will hear Kenny Bass, Ernie Benedict, Roger Bright, John Detelich, Joe and Gene Fedorchak, Johnny Krizancic, Al Markic, Joey Miskulin, Walter Ostanek, Jeff Pecon, Roman Possedi, Art Perko, Ronnie Sluga, Frankie Spetich, Gene Tebo, Johnny Vadnal, Paul Yanchar, Frankie Yankovic, Jake Zagger, and more! Don’t pass this great CD today-“Polka Stalgia, Volume One”! Look for the CD "Polka Stalgia, Volume Two" on PolkaConnection.com!

Track Listing:

1. Joanne Polka-with Frankie Yankovic and Walter Ostanek
2. Friends Stay Friends Polka-with Frankie Spetich
3. Drifting & Dreaming Polka-with Jeff Pecon & Paul Yanchar
4. My Alice Waltz-with Johnny Vadnal
5. Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover Polka-with Art Perko & Ron Sluga
6. Heiney’s Polka-with Joe Fedorchak and Gene Fedorchak
7. Windy City Polka-with Roman Possedi
8. Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain Polka-with Kenny Bass and Walter Ostanek
9. In the Garden Waltz-with Ernie Benedict and Joey Miskulin
10. Seven Days & Seven Nights Polka-with Johnny Krizancic & John Detelich
11. P.T. Polka-with Jake Zagger, Walter Ostanek, and Al Markic
12. Do What You Do Polka-with Roger Bright and Gene Tebo
Artist: Walter Ostanek and Friends