Pivovar - Encore from Otter Creek

Instrumental Button Accordion throughout this album

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Mr. Ron Pivovar grew up within the environment of ethnic music in Western Pennsylvania; this influence began a life-long interest in music. As a youngster Ron Pivovar studied music on several instruments and began playing in polka and wedding bands at the age of 14.


After discovering the unique sound of the button box, Ron Pivovar bought one through a mail-order catalog and taught himself to play by “ear”. At a music festival some years later Mr. Pivovar met Mr. Joe Smiell, a conservatory-trained musician from California. He attended Joe Smiell’s Button Box Camp where the button box accordion was studied formally including the reading of traditional music notation. Since that time Mr. Pivovar has produced 8 recordings of button box music, is active with the Pivovar Trio, and has composed over 100 songs including boarischers, ländlers, waltzes and polkas.


Track listing:


1. When It Is a Sunny Day Polka
2. Jeffery’s Polka
3. My Little Chick
4. On Lake Sliviniskem Waltz
5. The Money’s on Peggy and Otto Boarischer
6. La Napolera Polka
7. Heidelmann Walzer
8. Four Leaf Clover Polka
9. Fran and Parky’s Polka
10. I was Left Alone Waltz
11. 5 for a Dollar, 3 oz. Size Polka
12. Quentin’s Theme Waltz
13. Burgettstown Polka
14. Diatonic Polka
15. My Accordion Polka
16. Great Western TV Themes Medley
17. Button Box Benediction

Artist: Ron Pivovar