Roberts, Al - Polkas Are Here To Stay!

Classic Slovenian/Cleveland Style Polkas direct from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA!

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Al Roberts presents “Polkas Are Here to Stay!”. Classic Music direct from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA. This CD contains 6 bonus tracks in addition to the original album. Check out this CD today!

Track Listing:

1. Patti’s Polka
2. I Never Knew
3. The Night I Met You
4. Joe on the South Side
5. Mario’s Waltz
6. Penguin Polka
7. Michael’s Polka
8. Roses of Love
9. Morning Glow Waltz
10. Holiday Polka
11. Starford PA Polka
12. WXEN Polka
13. Na Pla Nitza
14. Ginger Polka
15. Are You the Girl?
16. I Knew from the Start
17. We’re Bound for Happiness
18. Pony Tail Polka

Artist: Al Roberts