Shuda - Keepin' It Rollin'

Kenny Shuda and the Kenny Shuda Orchestra!

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Kenny Shuda has been the talented leader of the Kenny Shuda Orchestra for decades. Here is the Kenny Shuda Orchestra on their CD entitled “Keepin’ It Rollin’”. We are excited to bring this fine CD to! Check out the Kenny Shuda Orchestra via this All Instrumental CD today. Track Listing: 1. Sunday Polka
2. Music Waltz
3. Ellen Polka
4. Saxophone Schottische
5. Our Mike Polka
6. Foxy Polka
7. Naughty Girl Polka
8. Till We Meet Polka
9. Blossom Waltz
10. Loveless Waltz
11. Schneider Polka
12. Grown Rose Waltz
13. Long Ago Waltz
14. When Our Paths Meet
Artist: Kenny Shuda Orchestra